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We understand that trust is a MASSIVE part of buying online these days and, as we're a fairly new business, we need to build that trust!

Hi! My name is Maxx :) I am the founder of Dapper Duck and, at the moment, the one that prints all your lovely orders! 

I want you to feel safe and confident when you buy from Dapper Duck and apart from taking the leap and buying from us, there's no other way for you to feel that you can trust us 100%

That's why we have some BIG GUNS behind us :) You can buy from us with total peace of mind through all of the places below! But, there are some things you need to know, they are listed next to each link.

We love our customers and value them so much! Thank you :)

Etsy - We are very proud to be in the top 7% of sellers in the world here :) lots of very happy customers! This is where all of our designs are available first, there's loads there! We're about the same price and offer the same high standard of packaging and print colours

eBay - We're cheaper on eBay, but there's no frills and you can't choose your print colour. Also, only our most popular T-Shirts and Hoodies make it there.

Amazon UK - Same as eBay really, no frills :(